Great Songs, singing, fun a great audience and a great PA
Great Songs, singing, fun a great audience and a great PA
Bromborough Folk Club
 Bromborough Folk Club


The Club will not be open on Wednesday 18th March


Despite the huge dose of ambience and well-being, we get every week

we think it's better to be safe than sorry.

The emerging evidence from the WHO suggests that small, indoor social gatherings are a growing area of virus transmission. Places like pubs and restaurants where people are within 2 metres of each other, and where there is no fresh or filtered air, are more of a potential problem for this particular virus. [Large crowds in outdoor situations are less of a problem as its proximity that matters].

We will review the situation in 2 weeks time. Meantime, watch our FB and Web Page for updates. We will keep you informed, or call us on 334 0759 for the re-open date.

Meanwhile, keep up your levels of immunity by watching out for

BROMFOLK MUSIC STREAM on Bromborough Folk Club FB page.


WHO says risk of infection appears to be high at small gatherings in indoor venues



Cinemas and pubs in UK remain open amid coronavirus concerns


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