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Watch our YouTube Archive Channel




How to get there


Go to the YouTube channel around 7.30 pm on the day (or any day before if you want to hear any previous broadcasts) .
Search for Bromborough Folk Club Music Archive.

Select the image for Bromborough Folk Club Archive

It's available 24/7; after 5 mins of background chatter.

You can wind the live show forward or back, but don't miss the start! 

ON YOUR PC (use additional speakers if you have them, for a great sound)
The internet link will be posted on FB around tea time on the night.

Click on that link to go straight to the show; you don't need to search for it. 
There are 5 mins of Bromfolk audience chatter before the show starts ( just enough time for you to open the red wine).
The Broadcast stops automatically at the end of the show.

The whole show is about 1hr 30 mins, including the Guest Spot.


Each show is available anytime on YouTube after it has been broadcast. Listen to any of the previous shows any time, 

See you all SOON when we all get back.

John Coleman


Despite the huge dose of ambience and well-being we had every week,

we think it's better to be safe than sorry.


Keep safe, stay home, wash your hands, keep 2 m apart, and we will see you all on the other side of it!


When we reopen in August to be a floor singer or Guest you must have had your COVID Jabs!!!!

We will keep reviewing the situation. Meantime, watch our FB and Web Page for updates. We will keep you informed,

or call us on 0151 334 0759 for the re-open date.

Meanwhile, keep up your levels of immunity by watching out for

BROMFOLK MUSIC STREAM on Bromborough Folk Club FB page.





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